Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blending Technology and Classroom Learning

This video does a good job of addressing a change that all schools are going towards.  That is blended learning.  Blended learning is taking the style of learning that we all know and most grew up with, and combining it with the new way of learning, technology.  It talks about how by using blended learning, we can increase learning as a whole.  Having a face-to-face interaction with students is not enough anymore.  Students need a good balance between the face-to-face learning and technology enhanced learning.  Technology is a good asset to a students learning because it is something that they are going to be able to use the many resources that are available to them through it.  Students are put in the drivers seat and can pave their own learning path.  Not all students learn at the same level or at the same speed as others.  By using technology enhanced learning strategies where students are basically in charge, they are able to learn and get the information at there own pace.  Having a good balance between the technology based learning and the face-to-face learning is the best thing that can happen for students.  Being able to have the option for students to learn in their own way is something that wasn't possible back in the day.  The generation that we are growing up in has that option for students, and is only going to result in better and more efficient learning.

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