Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blending Technology and Classroom Learning

This video does a good job of addressing a change that all schools are going towards.  That is blended learning.  Blended learning is taking the style of learning that we all know and most grew up with, and combining it with the new way of learning, technology.  It talks about how by using blended learning, we can increase learning as a whole.  Having a face-to-face interaction with students is not enough anymore.  Students need a good balance between the face-to-face learning and technology enhanced learning.  Technology is a good asset to a students learning because it is something that they are going to be able to use the many resources that are available to them through it.  Students are put in the drivers seat and can pave their own learning path.  Not all students learn at the same level or at the same speed as others.  By using technology enhanced learning strategies where students are basically in charge, they are able to learn and get the information at there own pace.  Having a good balance between the technology based learning and the face-to-face learning is the best thing that can happen for students.  Being able to have the option for students to learn in their own way is something that wasn't possible back in the day.  The generation that we are growing up in has that option for students, and is only going to result in better and more efficient learning.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Classroom Instruction and Learning

Image Cited to: Dennis Lee

An interactive whiteboard looks like your typical whiteboard that we are all used to seeing in classrooms.  They are something that are relatively new to classrooms.  They have so much more to them then just a typical whiteboard though.  They are basically a whiteboard that has a built in computer screen, allowing teachers and students to have present different things on the board and still be able to mark what you want to.  There have been studies that have been done that show students are more attentive and engaged in learning when a virtual whiteboard is being used.  These allow students to be able to have a better visual understanding of material versus a typical whiteboard where only basic information is being displayed.  I feel that these are something that will be used in all schools eventually.  It only makes sense to incorporate normal learning strategies with this new equipment.  By using these, I feel that students overall attentiveness and attitude in the classroom will only get better.  Technology is something that is a growing field and our future students are going to have a lot of different forms of technology available to them.  I also feel that virtual whiteboards are a good way to get your students involved in learning.  For most of them, it is a new and fun way of learning.  Virtual whiteboards are a very useful tool that I hope all schools, and the students in these schools, will acquire because it is only going to be a great asset to guide learning.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Transforming Education with Technology

Image Cited to: Universtiy of Illinois

We are at an age where our parents idea of school is completely different than what it is today.  I am sure that this has always been the case throughout generations, but our generation has grown up with something no other has.  That is technology.  Technology is something that is become more and more relevant, especially in schools.  In this article, it talked about a director of  the Office of Technology Education.  She observed a school and discovered that all of the students that were in the 4th grade or older had some sort of technology, whether it was a laptop or a tablet.  She also pointed out that most of the classrooms didn't even seem like your "typical classroom".  They had virtual whiteboards and touchscreen screens on every wall, and different types of tablets/laptops throughout the classrooms.  I feel that this is a good way for students to learn.  Technology is something that is going to be incorporated in their future careers in some way shape or form.  That is why I feel it is important to use technology in schools and get our students to become proficient in using it at an early age.  Learning more now is only going to make it easier for them and others later on in life.  I do feel that these schools need to still use certain physical types of learning tools (paper, pencil, textbooks, etc.), but technology is a good learning tool that needs to be in schools also.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Image Cited To: Jacqui Murray 

Technology is something is becoming more and more relevant, not only in school, but also our every day lives.  Growing up in the 21st century basically guarantees that you will being using some sort of technology in school.  In some states, they are offering online schooling as early as high school.  I feel that technology is important, but should not be the only way that students learn.  The article talked about blended learning, which is incorporating both face-to-face and online learning opportunities.  I feel that this is a good path for schools to take.  It allows the students to still be able to have the classroom experience, but also to be able to learn in their own ways and at their own pace through the online learning opportunities.  Technology is something that is only going to keep growing and become more provident in the classroom, but I don't think we should steer away from the face-to-face classroom experience.

Friday, November 4, 2016

All About Me

My name is Levi Meier.  I am attending the University of Northern Iowa in pursue of an Elementary Education degree.  I am originally from Shell Rock, IA and attended Waverly-Shell Rock High School.  Education is the field that I have always wanted to get into.  I love the thought of being a good role model for young students.